20 Bridge St Sydney Acoustic Pinboard Wall

A client requested us to install an 8mm Acoustic Pinboard Wall because they wanted to be able to enhance meetings with visual functionality.

In addition to the Acoustic Pinboard Wall, carpet tiles were installed. These are rubber backed and colour matched to the wall. This added to the acoustic noise control within the room.

Typically within a room nothing is square and this project being no different. The floor, ceiling and walls all running out between 10-20mm.  The panels were precision cut with excellent results.

The client was very happy finding it difficult to discover the joins. As a result we have been provided with additional projects.

The installation of an Acoustic Pinboard Wall facilitates a fantastic creative space. This will allow you to pin flow charts during your brain storming sessions, add maps, inspirational quotes or simply add notes.

Acoustic Pinboard Wall

Acoustic Pinboard Wall