Disadvantages of Low Quality Acoustic Products

It is a fact that most of us want to buy new things, materials and objects that are cheap, but it is also a fact that low cost items may or may not be a good fit for your needs. The disadvantages of low quality acoustic products if you opt to select materials on price alone in the long run you will be out of pocket.

We are not saying always buy the most expensive, it is important you do the research to ensure you are getting the right material for the sound reduction job at hand and this will only come from research or experience.

At Volume Control we have the experience and expertise to ensure the materials you select are the best value for money to do the job you need to do to reduce those unwanted noises around the home or office.

We will also advise you on the best combination of solutions to give you the best result at the lowest cost outlay.

Here are just a few examples of the consequences of Disadvantages of Low Quality Acoustic Products ahead of quality

Frequent re-installation

As you choose lower quality acoustic materials the potential is a shorter effective noise reduction life and you will have to replace it more often.

Lower level of soundproofing

You will probably not get the desired results for sound reduction you need. A total waste of money! And cause for frustration and additional costs to get the sound reduction result you were looking for.

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Installing Acoustic Solutions in an Old Building

Acoustic sound reduction can be applied at any time during or after construction and can be used in a variety of places and various surfaces. Acoustic foam or Acoustic plasterboard ideally would be applied at the construction phase; however retro-fitting is still possible. Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Art, Acoustic curtains, Acoustic pin boards are all products that can be easily applied to any existing room or building.  There is an increased trend in most of cities and states of Australia like in Sydney, where people tend to use acoustic underlay and acoustic ceiling tiles in their homes and offices to make sure the interiors have maximum sound reduction from vibrations and sound Echo’s.

Long Curved Walls fitted with 25mm Acoustic Panels

                     Long Curved Walls fitted with 25mm Acoustic Panels

It’s a fact that most of the new buildings have a definite set of such materials installed to comply with the latest standards, but never hesitate to improve the overall sound reduction of the older buildings.

Here are a few suggestions:

You can start inspecting the ceiling. On the ceiling you can use acoustic ceiling tiles. The ceiling is a notorious part of a room to bounce sounds around a room, fixing acoustic tiles will go a long way to reduction overall noise in a room. This will not only improve the sound proofing effect, but also improve the look of the ceiling.

Acoustic foam on the walls and also decorative acoustic art panels will improve the interior look as well as reduce noise. These walls will give an enhanced look and a reduced sound penetrated to the interiors.

Acoustic Art Panels

                 Acoustic Art Panels

Acoustic Curtains can also change the esthetics of a room and significantly reduce the levels of unwanted and annoying sound distractions.

Acoustic Curtains

                                     Acoustic Curtains

All these acoustic materials will help you renovate an old building and make it up to the level of today’s standards.

Let us show you how to reduce noise in your home or office with effective sound reduction strategies, ask us for a Free Consultation, click here

Selecting Acoustic Products to Improve Sound Reduction

Selecting Acoustic products to improve sound reduction in your home or office.

Acoustic BAFFLES

Acoustic BAFFLES

Comparing anything requires sufficient knowledge and experience. When it comes to comparing products to reduce unwanted sounds, then we do recommend taking advice from an expert in the sound miminisation field. At Volume Control we will advise you on what can be done to reduce the sound in your home or office and we do offer a free initial consultation.

If you are not sure which features you will have to compare or what features will help you choose the best acoustic products  for your rooms, then the following things may help:

Durability of the material

The first thing that needs to be compared is the durability and long lasting qualities of the acoustic materials. If the acoustic material has a guarantee of being quality solution and provides the best quality sound proofing for the longest time, then that is the best option. Once you have the longevity of the product then this needs to be considered from a functionality viewpoint.

Quality of sound proofing materials

Second, is the how effective is the sound absorption of the sound proofing material. That is how effective for the sound reduction you require. If the material has a high level of soundproofing capability and can reduce the sound effects and the intensity of the sound being presented then that would be your first preference. You can check this via its noise reduction rating and acoustic features that may be provided by the manufacturers of the materials. Compare the products that are most reliable and can serve you best.

Sound Proofing Customization and application options

Finally be sure the product you choose will do the job and check the sizes and whether the product will suit the application.

Let us show you how to reduce noise in your home or office with effective sound reduction strategies, ask us for a Free Consultation, click here

The Benefits of Acoustic Panels in a Room

Installation or sound proofing materials deliver significant benefits and these can be availed by using a number of sound reducing acoustic materials.

Acoustic ceiling tiles installed in a small or a large home or office will reduce noise amplification and deflection from the ceiling. Ceilings normally are flat and smooth as as a result easily amplify even the smallest of sounds. The accumulation of these sounds creates noise and unwanted noise ultimately leads to annoyance and stress.


Larger rooms and buildings may also require acoustic underlay  due to the fact there is an increased echo effect in large and empty places as compared to small places. The same may apply to smaller rooms, these are also subject to noisy conditions and may also require to have some sound proofing materials installed in order to lower the noise effects. Reducing adverse sounds in a small area is obviously easier than a large hall but in both cases using our expertise to advise you will give you the best results at the lowest cost

Here are a few benefits of using acoustic materials to get better, quieter rooms.

Acoustic panels and acoustic foam installation has a direct effect on the echo that may be produced within a room. Using these materials will reduce sound resonance and echoes.


Reduce the distraction of unwanted sounds in the room and hence improving the inner environment in an effective manner.

Increased privacy and confidentiality

If you have  acoustic insulation  installed in your home or offices, you will have increased privacy and confidentiality with an increased sound proofing capabilities of the rooms. As voices will not be heard across or outside the room.

Lower noise stress using acoustic panels

These sound reducing materials deliver lower noise volumes and helps to reduce stress that may be caused by unwanted sounds.

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Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Room Privacy Using Sound Proofing

It is possible that you are subjected to a high level of noises throughout the day and night and that will definitely cause you to suffer with stress and tension. The only way to improve your home or office environment is through sound proofing materials that can be used either temporarily or permanently. Materials like acoustic plasterboard and also in some cases acoustic doors, acoustic pinboards, acoustic art work and acoustic insulation.  These materials work well to provide you sound reduced environment within your home or office, even if you are living in a noisy place.

Reducing sound penetration from outside and more importantly sound generated inside from walking, talking, phones even key strokes on a computer keyboard can be a source of stress and discomfort.


To reduce noise levels you may consider doing following:


Insulation materials like acoustic foam  and acoustic underlay  installed in the room or office can help you lower the volume of annoying noises and sounds. These materials are made and designed to give you the best acoustic safety and decreased echo effects in your home or office.

Sound Proofing the Walls

You can sound proof walls, by the covering all the open areas, echo producing spots or weak areas which may cause  increased noise and volume of the sounds developed in the room.

Use Specialized Doors

You can also use specialized doors or acoustic doors to minimize the sounds and noises that surround your room.

All these methods are equally beneficial for various kinds of noises and sounds that may disturb you while in your room. You may use one or either all of such materials to lower the effects of annoying sounds.

This particularly applies to open plan offices where phone conversations may be overheard.
Let us show you how to reduce noise in your home or office with effective sound reduction strategies, ask us for a Free Consultation, click here