Acoustic Art

Modern construction and renovations contain a lot of hard surfaces – timber floor boards, polished concrete floors, tiles and lots of glass being in vogue, reverberated noise bounces around like a billiard ball on a pool table that can be controlled with Acoustic Art.

Acoustic Art

A decorative sound treatment to control the unwanted noise that is hung on any wall; in restaurants, gaming rooms, dining rooms, board rooms, hallways, reception areas, children’s rooms, common areas can all be conquered with a beautiful art piece that will absorb the reverberating noise within an area.

We can digitally print your own special image or you can choose an image from our Image Library. We work with various photographers and can organise a private photographic session to capture your vision.

All images are digitally printed and dye sublimated on an acoustically transparent fabric and laminated to a specially constructed 25mm or 50mm acoustic insulation panel that is Green Star rated with minimum 80% recycled product that absorbs 80% to 95% of noise.

We have 3 different options available.

Acoustic Art

Base Acoustic Art – is a cost effective range that is 25mm thick and simply mount on your wall using double sided tape ideal for children’s areas that can also be used as decorative pinboards.

Acoustic Art

Silent Night Acoustic Art – a 30mm solid frame that has been meticulously wrapped and using a split baton system with the option of Art Security Locks, mount  to your reflective surface.

Acoustic Art Panel

Luxury Acoustic Art – Our luxury range of Acoustic Art is framed in a variety of luxurious timbers that can come raw, stained or painted to suit your decor.

Option of a contemporary look with the Shadow Line 50mm thick Luxury Art Panel.

You can also add the warm glow of back lighting to create a spectacular appearance in any space.

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