Acoustic Walls & Ceilings

Acoustic Diffuser

Acoustic Walls & Ceilings

Imagine sitting in the boardroom on a conference call and struggling to understand what is being conveyed because of the noise feedback within the room. You leave feeling frustrated that the meeting wasn’t as smooth and professional as you normally conduct your business. All because of a noisy room.

Volume Control will review your site and create a solution fabricated to suit your wall and ceiling requirements. We ensure superior acoustic performance that is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With the largest range of fabric stretching systems in the industry, we tailor each wall to suit you providing a suitable acoustic solution.

Installation is performed with minimal disruption in three easy steps:
1. Secure the desired plastic extrusion to your wall or ceiling.
2. Insert a suitable noise reducing acoustic insulation.
3. Stretch an acoustically transparent fabric across the face and secure it to the plastic extrusion.

When you have glass frontages or bi-fold doors and multiple windows, you lack wall area to solve your noise problem. A practical solution is to add an Acoustic Ceiling.

This can be as inconspicuous as a white fabric ceiling, match your wall colour or you can make a statement with a spectacular digital image.

An acoustic ceiling disguises irregularities and reduces the transference of noise between floors. Fixtures, like lights and vents, are spaced out to provide a flawless finish.

Our sound insulation materials vary in density and thickness from 13mm to 100+mm giving you the ability to tune your acoustic performance.

Our custom Acoustic Walls and Acoustic Ceilings add elegance to any area reducing unwanted noise creating a sense of serenity.

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