Acoustic Decorative Timber & Metal

Acoustic Decorative Timber and Metal

Large areas where people come together to enjoy each others company are often noisy. Essential in interior design is to create a comfortable space where noise levels are under control. An inconspicuous way of controlling excess noise is with beautiful acoustic decorative timber or metal enclosures containing acoustic insulation.

Acoustic Timber WallAcoustic Decorative Timber

Acoustic Decorative Timber can reduce noise and add the warm feeling of timber adding elegance and class to any room.

Simply fitted to either walls or float them from the ceiling, acoustic timber can deal with your acoustic issues.

We can create any design including logos and custom designs. Timber acoustic panels can be constructed with patterned slots or holes or the latest designs and will add an extra dimension to a room.

A full range of finishes are available from laminates, stains or colours and encompassing a polyester acoustic medium to control unwanted noise.

We can supply and install or supply ready to mount on a split batten system to walls. These can be completed by your carpenter or DIY enthusiast over a weekend. Being modular you can add extra panels as required.

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Acoustic Stretched Fabric System
Acoustic Timber Metal

Acoustic Decorative Metal

Decorative MetalAcoustic Decorative Metal adds another dimension to the designing of acoustic solutions. We have a full range of inspiring designs or we can also fully customise a design for you, including your company logo.

Acoustic Decorative Metal can be made from, stainless steel, Corten steel (rusty finished metal) and aluminium. This is then powder coated in your choice of colours.

The colours and design possibilities are endless.

With the option of being modular in design they encase polyester acoustic medium in a range of thicknesses to control unwanted reverberated noise.

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Completed Projects