Acoustic Solutions

Noisy Room

In our society a high priority is looking after ourselves and a major consideration is the noise that surrounds us, at Volume Control we have the acoustic solutions for you.

Volume Control is aware of how important this is and work tirelessly to help you control the unwanted noise in your environment.


Noisy room – We have Acoustic Solutions for you !!!

If you can not find a suitable solution below we can custom make something to suit you.

You are only limited by your imagination.

We provide a range of Acoustic Solutions to assist in this vital area.

  • Acoustic Art – a beautiful acoustic art piece to suit a range of budgets with optional timber frames and lighting to suit any decor. Supply us with your image or choose from our image library and we will transform it into something memorable to control your undesirable noise.
  • Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels – with sizes to 2700mm x 1200mm and an NRC absorption up to 1.0 you can regulate your area. We meticulously wrap them in an acoustically transparent fabric from a multitude of textile houses. This can be an inexpensive way to add splendor to your room.
  • Acoustic Designer Pinboards & Pinboard Walls – serve 3 functions, absorb unwanted noise, add to your decor and serve as a pinboard. You have a choice of 16 colourways that can also be custom cut with logos or designer shapes adding a different dimension to your office available in 8,13,25 or 50mm thick.
  • Acoustic Velcro Panels – ideal for schools and offices, the Acoustic Velcro Panels can not only control a noisy room, they can bring a room to life with fun vibrant colours. They can also be tailored with logos or custom shapes adding a third dimension. Available in thicknesses of 8,13,25,50mm and an NRC to 1.0
  • Acoustic Stretched Fabric Systems Site fabricated to cover walls and ceilings with a gorgeous fabric or a digital image makes an impact to any room. They come in 13,25,50,100+mm thick acoustic insulation that can reduce up to 100% of the unwanted reverberated noise.
  • Acoustic Bedheads luxurious fabrics provide a touch of class to your boudoir and will absorb the excess noise in the room. With thicknesses available up to 100+mm and fabrics from a range of textile houses you can create any mood.
  • Acoustic Drapery – Acoustic Curtains simply add elegance to a room, they can create a different atmosphere with various colours or prints with the additional benefit of reducing the echo.
  • Acoustic Baffles –  quintessential for school halls or swimming baths etc, the 50mm thick hanging Acoustic Baffles have double the surface area to work more effectively within areas with high ceilings.
  • Acoustic Timber –  custom CNC routed timber panels add a warmth that only timber can bring. Beautiful rich grains in a variety of stains or painted in an assortment of colours to match your interior design.
  • Acoustic Metal – personalised laser cut metal panels that house Acoustic Insulation for indoors and outdoor areas. We have a range of metal finishes and colors available to suit your individual scheme.