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Acoustic Baffles

TV, Radio and many production editing studios need to have sound deadening and sound proofing to prevent  noise contamination in this very creative and critical sound sensitive environment.

Here is a new Sound Editing Room and we were selected to complete.  The installation of Acoustic Baffle pin-boards to the walls achieved the desired effect and virtually removed all unwanted sound.

We know every sound proofing task is different our many years experience will allow us to recommend the right sound proofing or sound deadening solution for you. We have a large range of decorative and functional acoustic baffle solutions.

Every situation is different and the sound proofing solution for every business will change according to the structure and materials used in the initial construct. Acoustic baffles can be added at any time e.g. during the initial wall construction process (recommended) or they can be added post construction.

We will recommend the right sound proofing products for each individual circumstance to give you the resulting sound reduction you need.

We have a multitude of products including Acoustic decorative timber & metal,  Acoustic Fabric Wrapped Panels & Baffles and Acoustic Pinboards & Velcro Panels

The really good news is in this installation of acoustic baffles the clients were extremely happy with the results.