Silent Night Acoustic Art

Volume Control is owned and operated by Peter Hancock. Peter is regarded as one of the most proficient operatives in the acoustic industry today.

Peter was honoured and humbled to be selected to train installation teams throughout Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

He is extremely passionate about the business. Peter  is actively involved in all facets of the business on a daily basis. With over 30 years experience Peter has developed a varied skill base. This experience allows him to think outside the square and provide practical solutions.

This skill base in the Acoustic Industry will fix your unwanted noise issues. Feel comfortable, knowing that the project management will be personally handled by Peter from start to finish.

Peter is highly motivated and his focus is on quality, innovation and performance.

Peter has a strong team that have been personally trained by him and he has an uncompromising demand for customer satisfaction.

“Our goal is to provide solutions to enhance a room, by absorbing unwanted reverberated noise making it functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for you and or your clients to be in.”

Peter Hancock